A Cautionary tale part 4…or lamentations of the fifties, just what the GOP wants back.

9 Feb

Cocaine….one of the most delicious of drugs. I remember reading of a story about I believe Bill “the rapist” Cosby complaining about Coke because it “enhanced your personality” and him saying “what if you’re an asshole?” and thinking…what if you’re not? Contrary of my posts in the last few years, I am usually a very jovial fellow, on drugs or off and that’s why I almost always got a pass when I was totally fucked up, I entertained almost everyone who I met because they found me endearing.

Believe it or not, even tomorrow I could come to your place (with an acoustic guitar, yeah, I am that person) three bumps of coke, a six pack and my imagination and you would put up with my “eccentricities” because I can be charming. The next day I would have paralyzing social anxiety because my fucking personality” wore off” and after making you breakfast that I was too sick to eat, would boogie on out of their homes as quickly as possible to make sure I may have another place to be manipulative to as many people as possible at fucking once!

Ha Ha, charade I are. I have ALWAYS got away with this shit because I am beautiful and am packing three inches of the finest …..let’s just say VERY few hamsters have a bigger joystick than me…like less than 50 percent. I digress, anyway..I’ve ALWAYS gotten many more chances than people who were more talented, smarter and WAY more handsome than me because of how coke and a combination of everything else gave me my personality. Without it I wasn’t as good a musician, lover, comedian…anything. I was just me and I hated plain old me…I suck.

Giving up that only made me try other things. I wish I would have tried pot and beer before psychedelics, opiates and vodka. Pot and beer helped me stop all the bad shit. Maybe more tonight, maybe not, but at least I have you to talk to Slappy…at least I have you.


2 Responses to “A Cautionary tale part 4…or lamentations of the fifties, just what the GOP wants back.”

  1. Reflex February 16, 2016 at 1:09 am #

    Not accusing you of this or anything, but I have yet in my life to meet a drug or alcohol abuser who does not believe that everyone loves them even when drunk or high. In fact, most believe that people like them better that way, and that it enhances their personality in positive ways.

    Also true is that in my life I have yet to encounter anyone who was not significantly more annoying or flat out offensive when drunk or high.

    • SMcKP February 16, 2016 at 5:00 am #

      That’s pretty much what I was saying my friend. As for your second paragraph, yeah, an eightball and a 18 pack I will definitely get on your nerves. A six pack and a couple lines? Golden.

      Thanks for the reply.

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