2016 condensed into one day part 4

9 Feb

2:01- after me and the HR guy are done posting memes to the internet, I decided to go into the general area of my work.

2:03- shit…shit…shit..it’s Peggy from accounts payable..fuck..fuck..shit..fuck…is she looking?.. Fuck..she is…oh boy…here she comes.

2:05-successfully convinced Peggy that the it’s probably a St Louis Cardinals fan kinda theft and I hate yogurt ( I LOVE YOGURT) anyway. Casually dropped Paperlions email and walked the fuck out feeling like a boss!

2:09-  Pushed Alphonse from warranties face in the water fountain after overhearing him blaspheme Saint Ortiz for not getting respected.

2:18- finally at my office..thank fsm!

2:18:05- my ex wife, my other ex wife and 20+ exgirlfriends and their lawyers were there and there was much rejoicing!!!!

To be continued..


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