2016 condensed into one day part 3

9 Feb

11:58- finally I can get a fucking shower. What a day and I haven’t been to work yet.

11:59- the water heater is out..thanks Obama!

12:03- after slipping in the shower and falling down the cellar stairs, I get the pilot started.

12:04- Roger Goodell calls because he hears that I am responsible for CTE and I kinda think he’s got a point.

120:19- my boss called and said I need to be there and this is the eleventh day off I took off this month. I guess I have to cover for the lazy chick who got fired for having triplets and already used up her vacation pay. I wish I got two weeks off with no pay after MY vacation! Welfare queens.

1:09- called into the office of HR…Uh oh!

1:17- after tripping a couple midgets, me and the HR guy talk about how I can do more for the shareholders. We both laugh and taze the guy we deem autistic because he always wanted to spend time with his family instead of hanging out with us cool guys. Loser.

To be continued..


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