2016 condensed into one day..part 2.

9 Feb

8:ish- the cell is cold but at least I am alone…yay, white privilege…whirlpool.

9:14- General population. Me and nine other white guys, all innocent, all in their for stupid reasons.

9:18- I am alpha male… I made up the most crimes so logically I’m the toughest. Will charge them to help script their defense pleas and all your toothpaste does belong to me. Also there might have been mention of a fucking no good rat.

10:33- after the pigs listen to how I got Edward to admit that yes, he did indeed not ring up the garbage bags on the self checkout at CVS, I am soon let out on the word of this good Samaritan called Bale Bondsman, and leave hoping fucking Edward gets life.

10: 49- Edwards girlfriend is coming in…shit..shit..shit..Christ, he showed me that pitcher a dozen times..that’s her..look away..nope, false alarm. It’s only his daughter and she IS kind of hot and she might just need a lap to cry on cause I got her daddy life. Nope..different daughter completely. She’s gonna figure it out.

10:59- where the fuck is the cab for shits sake?

11:05- after elbowing the rude pregnant lady out of the way I take the cab by myself while flashing a twenty surrounded by forty losing powerball tickets and simultaneously screaming fly you fool at the top of my lungs.

11:28- after having the cab driver pull two blocks from my house I proceed to make it rain with losing lottery tickets and giggling..you NEVER KNOW…you NEVER FUCKING KNOW..all the time being very cognizant of knowing.

11:36- upon arrival of my destination and letting know the house fucking bully Rose that I already got one enemy a life sentence, it is maybe not so smart to fuck with me. After ducking many pieces of quality pottery ( I would have paid for it) I put the key in my door and it doesn’t fit….

To be continued…






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