A Cautionary Tale part Three

7 Feb

Damn, my wife and I are splitting up. Probably past the time she should have gave up on me. I’m always the one promising better results doing the same shit over again. I believe that Einstein said something similar about insanity? Whatever, she is going to be much better without my lies. She is happy ( not happy, but at least understanding ) that I’m not doing hard drugs anymore, but the constant beers ( I’m not doing shots babe! What? I’m still a dick?) and I get high on weed ( at least it’s not five grams a day of poison) and I expect her to congratulate me on my restraint?

No wonder she is leaving me. This woman kept me alive for 21 years and I lie to her on a daily basis. How many beers tonight? How many are left? Even then I lie about how many…even though she can fucking count! I’m too depressed to continue…. I will come back to this soon and it will be a five part series. It’s so hard to leave ALL this out there… trying to be the “funny” guy.

Okay…..anyway I was telling you WHY my wife is smart for leaving me. She’s leaving because I broke her heart so many times that it would be diminished returns if she didn’t. After standing on thirteen 21 times in a row she finally said ” WHY, why am I still listening to this asshole? Never fucking once did he take care of me, why should I listen now?” And for that I am ashamed to admit I have no idea.

I guess maybe it’s a lot of hubris…I lived the life of a rock star without ever earning it. Kinda like Poison…but with talent. I had thousands of dollars worth of musical instruments and knew how to use them, but when it came down to it…I would sell whatever I wasn’t using for the next party.

I feel dirty… I will make part four tomorrow.

I WILL disgust you worse mananna! FML.


One Response to “A Cautionary Tale part Three”

  1. professormaddog31 February 7, 2016 at 4:35 am #

    Hey, buddy. I’m so sorry that everything’s gone to shit for you lately. šŸ˜¦

    I, too, am going through some difficult times. Gotta make a lot of hard choices, walk toward an uncertain future

    You’re not alone. I know it probably feels like it, but you have a friend in me if you need one.

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