A Cautionary tale part Deux

3 Feb

Yes, this needs to be continued because even when you’re older than fifty, you’re still an idiot if you do hard drugs. In my neck of the woods ( Maine ) we are having a crisis of heroin usage because we have a moron governor who thought that he would be Christies running mate because they are both psychotic symptoms that haven’t been discovered yet but are both killing the people they were elected to help.

The ONLY reason that weed is illegal is big pharmaceutical. The ONLY reason that heroin is back in vogue is because big pharmaceutical companies can’t keep making junkies from the poor.

You fell of a roof and broke your back…. you’re out of work for a year and you get 3 months of oxy and six months of unemployment, I had much worse happen to me and I was out of work for a year and because of my predilections to opiates…. I unfortunately didn’t partake. But I know for Damn sure that I would be on my every single heroin dealer for sure after they told me that oxy costs 10 dollars a fucking milligram.

You take away the shit that makes me not kill myself, try to take away my insurance ( 50 plus times ), and then take away my unemployment? Yes, good old Slappy is gonna start a heroin regimen because it’s fucking cheaper and I don’t need you cockhammers to make us feel worse. I’m gonna not do drugs that I need and need and want and really want and need…. but I’m fighting the Dragon.

Can you imagine what people who have been shut off from oxy must go through? If they weren’t busting everyone else for opiates…. I would be there too.


One Response to “A Cautionary tale part Deux”

  1. Reflex February 16, 2016 at 1:15 am #

    I have never understood the logic behind the claims of big pharma blocking pot. They can sell it like every other over the counter, and if they did it would do wildly better than home grown varieties. Anyone can make beer, yet Anheiser-Busch does quite well. Tobacco growth is not some lost art, it was grown and smoked by natives long before the white man showed up. Yet RJ Reynolds seems to do quite nicely.

    People always choose convenience and large corporations capitalize on that fact. I am certain pot will be legalized in my lifetime. I am also certain it will be grown, packaged and sold almost entirely by the existing tobacco or pharma industries depending on the marketing (medical or recreational).

    A great example is the current vaping craze. A lot of people are upset that studies are starting to demonstrate that vaping is incredibly harmful to health, in fact there is no evidence that it’s actually better than cigarettes either for the one using it or bystanders. A lot of people are blaming these studies on big tobacco, claiming that they are worried traditional cigarettes will be impacted. But that ignores reality, over 80% of the vaping market is already owned by big tobacco, who made a series of acqusitions over the past five years. Two tobacco companies own 54% of the US market alone, with much of the rest owned by other tobacco companies. This is just a market shift, and companies will follow the money as they always have.

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