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A Cautionary Tale

29 Jan

Where to begin? I’m by my own force of nature, not a person who has regrets. Yes, of course I have much,much more than most of my friends and internet buddies and if I spent more than a cursory glance at them I would be by necessity be guilty of having guilt.

What I mean is…if I would have the balls to look in the past…it would make looking into the future pointless and sad…mostly pathetic and sad. I have so many regrets I would be suicidal if I faced them head on. I’m pretty much a complicated person as their is certifiably cogent arguments that I’m nucking futz!

I have made many bad choices..the biggest is when I thought that the 150,000 dollar advance from the record company was for a spending spree in guitar warehouse and not a fucking advance for the recording studio…..Dave you asshole! Anyway never let drummers be your manager. I’m still paying that back even though I brought most everything back but I got pennies on the dollar….fucking Dave you Neil Pert wannabe with a 20 piece kit. First..learn the fucking beat…THEN buy a fucking chime tree!

Anyway…drugs and alcohol abuse is what I want everyone to know about. I’m about to be homeless and I am already jobless and there is a 90% chance that my wife and I have to go to different places…we have to give up our dog tomorrow ( going to my old backstabbing boss who knew that they were in negotiations four months ago and didn’t bother to tell us while we covered her shifts so she could have HER family time) but this year is the first time I went to my moms house in three years!

Please…let me be a cautionary tale. Drugs suck. Stick to pot and beers. Up until recently, that WAS the perfect mix. Now…I’m just fucking clueless on what to do. I’m in this position because of all the stupid fucking choices I’ve made and now I’m dragging down everyone I know and love and I am powerless to stop it!


Don’t be a drugged up Slappy…be more like Rob Lowe!

Except don’t have sex with underage girls, that’s one regret I don’t have. Anyway I’m glad I can write this down.

Thanks WordPress. Also I probably shouldn’t blame my backstabbing boss because she has 2 daughters in college and I kinda understand why she’s a duplicitous bitch, but still…. man, I would have never in a million years did what you did. Four months would have been a blessing. If I am shiv’d in the homeless shelter, I hope you never have a peaceful nights rest!

Absolutely no Fucking Cheers for you!