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A day in the life of Donald Trump!

9 Aug

Give me one day and you’ll laugh


If I ran the SPCA

9 Aug

I GET what you’re saying and parrot what you say, but for fucks sake, the song’s and the images do exactly what you hope they do , only the opposite! When I hear the music and see the commercials, I can’t adopt them ALL! I get so mother fucking pissed that I may have the dog or cat that will live a less enlightened form of life than how  those other poor bastards are.

Please, show people loving animals with a good follow through on how my money helps!

I’m almost certainly right that THAT will help you more than some mawkish white-wash thing that makes me turn the channel to something else, I only have so much money!

And I like to think that my HUGE amount of money is working! Why are you not doing that ?

If anyone cares about the republicans taking over the Whitehouse

7 Aug

Gawd, where do I begin? Well, let’s start with the funny! Donald Trump is a front runner, I know, that should end it, but is just the beginning of the funny. Jeb fucking Bush says that 500 million is too much for woman’s health care, but 500 million dollars from the Koch brothers to get him elected is fine? If men got pregnant there would be a planned parenthood clinic on every block, maybe even KC. If Viagra was covered for presidential candidates, they would love Obama care! How does a state I’m now living in, go  from being one of the most progressive states to reelection frenzy for a Christie clone?   To be continued…   I will now spend more time making strawman arguments and to paraphrase lukedunphy ” why should I wait to rail against opinions that haven’t been formed yet? I’m a busy fucking man!