Hello world

7 Dec

Wow, what should I do for a blog? I can’t even spell right but I guess no one will read it anyway so what the fuck? Cool. I can swear! Shit piss kaka pee pee poo poo. Well I guess I am more informative then Human Interest already. Damn, I should use this forum to make lots of cash. Oh wait,no one will ever read this shit anyway. Maybe I can learn to be interesting on the fly? Nah! I get all my opinions from CNN and Peter King. Just kidding, I hate Peter King and Florio is a fuckfaced douchbag. Oh my Dog this is carthartic. I am giggling as I type. PFT is where debates go to die and if a single person ever had a coherent thought on a subject,it would be the first. Oh this is great. Florio sucks on the butt nuggets that King drops like his opinions on all the free coffee he sucks down being a shill for starbucks.

Okay,so far no censorship.Cool. I am happy that I can call Florio the seven year old ejaculate on the hotel curtains that he is. All of the patriot fans on there GFY as you suck worse than anything that ever sucked.

This is so much fun. I think I may let my verbal diarrhea go unchecked every day just so I can unload.


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