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A day in the life of a MLB owner.

7 Dec

5:00 AM:Wake up and get out of bed,berate the help and give a well deserved slap in the face for the assistant for letting the wife know about the mistress you just bought a house for.

5:15 AM:Check the bank balance and be glad you live in an oligarchy.

5:30 AM:Pretend to know what the fuck you are talking about when you say “We should trade the fat guy that sucks for 7 first round draft picks.

5:31 AM:After affirming all is well and they will do due diligence while you proceed to the masturbatory chamber to watch Gay porn while also putting millions towards the electorate to outlaw that which you desire.

5:32 Am: With the filthy lust out of the way,you now focus on what is important.How can I make millions more?

2:38 PM: After several employees tell you that no matter how hard you want to get Ty Cobb,it just aint gonna happen, you settle down by just trying to drown the pool boy.

4:45 PM:You make a conference call and you all laugh hysterically at all the free agent signings that were undervalued.

6:01 PM : Dinner time. Maybe a cheeseburger at Wendy’s as you just fucked a future star out of millons but at least you covered your ass.

7:15 PM: It is time for the trophy wife to earn her money. I may be worth a Billion or 2 but at least great looking women are still here.Oh wait,no viagra today.Really I am not so gross that you can’t overlook how lecherous I am?

8:00 PM: Time to go to bed.Sleep fucking great as you have no idea what it is like to be a person who has nothing but college debt and fuck them and fuck all season ticket holders. I got mine.


Hello world

7 Dec

Wow, what should I do for a blog? I can’t even spell right but I guess no one will read it anyway so what the fuck? Cool. I can swear! Shit piss kaka pee pee poo poo. Well I guess I am more informative then Human Interest already. Damn, I should use this forum to make lots of cash. Oh wait,no one will ever read this shit anyway. Maybe I can learn to be interesting on the fly? Nah! I get all my opinions from CNN and Peter King. Just kidding, I hate Peter King and Florio is a fuckfaced douchbag. Oh my Dog this is carthartic. I am giggling as I type. PFT is where debates go to die and if a single person ever had a coherent thought on a subject,it would be the first. Oh this is great. Florio sucks on the butt nuggets that King drops like his opinions on all the free coffee he sucks down being a shill for starbucks.

Okay,so far no censorship.Cool. I am happy that I can call Florio the seven year old ejaculate on the hotel curtains that he is. All of the patriot fans on there GFY as you suck worse than anything that ever sucked.

This is so much fun. I think I may let my verbal diarrhea go unchecked every day just so I can unload.